The Greatest Benefits of Outsourced IT

With the average data breach now approaching the $3 million mark in cost, it’s important to make sure your IT staff prepares for anything. The cost of a damaged reputation, lawsuits, or lost customers could plague your company for years. Being prepared for anything, no matter the size of your business is one of the greatest benefits of outsourcing your IT needs.

Here are six more of the most essential benefits of outsourced IT staff.

1. Manage IT Costs

When you hire a company to manage your IT needs, you have more control than you would if you did everything in-house. If you’re a small business, you might not be able to get the quality you need and the work done the way it needs to be on time. While your on-site staff knows your system, they might not have the tools necessary for special projects.

An outsourced IT company allows you to get your IT services a la carte. You can get budget more accurately when you’re only paying for what you need when you need it. Your on-site staff can manage the system once an outsourced staff sets it up.

2. Lower Your Labor Costs

Hiring the best in the business might be your goal when you’re first setting out as a small business. However, the best talent in town will cost money. If you’re struggling with the budget of a small business, labor costs could be one of the highest prices of doing business.

When you hire full-time IT staff, you’re responsible for all the costs associated with them. You’ll have to pay them year-round, no matter your needs are at the moment. You’ll also need to offer a considerable benefits package to keep them interested in the position.

Onboarding a new employee could cost you an arm and a leg. While estimates vary, the costs can run you anywhere between $400 to $4,000 per employee. That means when you lose and have to hire a new employee, you could be losing $4,000 in profit.

Outsourcing your IT staff means that work will be taken care of for you. You’ll get quality no matter when you call for expert IT services, all without the initial setup costs.

3. All The Certifications You Need

When you’re looking for IT staff, you’re going to have a wishlist of certifications, experience, and training that you’re looking for. Finding someone who has everything you need could be difficult. You’ll have to make concessions you might not like when you’re looking for permanent staff.

Instead of having to settle for someone who is less than your ideal, outsourcing your staff means you get to have it all. There will be someone on staff who has every kind of certification you need.

\Call ahead and compare certifications between companies. You’ll find that every single one of them want to show off how great their staff is and how much they have to offer. You’ll likely have a hard time choosing a company to work with so much talent available.

4. Qualifications Don’t Mean Experience

Don’t stop when you find a company that’s got great qualifications. You still need to find one that has the experience that you’re looking for.

Many of the top IT outsourcing companies will tout their qualifications, as stated above, but like degrees aren’t equal to experience, the same goes for IT.

When you hire an in-house IT staff member, they’ll know the ins and outs of your system in an intimate way. It’s true that you can’t replace that with any outsourced IT staff member.

Thankfully, there are IT companies that offer experience to go with the qualifications. Make sure there are references you can call when you’re about to hire someone. If you need industry-specific experience, ask for references so that you can double check that they’ve done a good job in the past.

While you should always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, talented staffing companies will be happy to let you reach out to their previous clients.

5. Stay Focused

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll have limited resources when managing your business. Time and attention are valuable and unless you’re specializing in IT services, you can’t have your IT staffing needs taking up all your time.

IT staffing companies understand this. Their interest is in solving your problems and implementing solutions flawlessly. They rely on building a trusting relationship with their clientele.

When you build a relationship with an IT staffing company, they will help you to get back to the business you need to attend to. Instead complex IT decisions or the technical needs of your customers distracting you, let your IT staff take care of it.

6. Implement New Tech Fast

When you hire quality IT staffing, you can install new technology or beef up your security in a snap. With the rising security needs of even small businesses, it’s essential that you’re able to adapt to each change in your industry.

If you’re looking to build and maintain an app for your business, you might have a few talented people who can do some of the work. With the help of an outsourced IT staff, you’ll have everything you need and be able to build and deploy the app quickly. If there are issues that your staff can’t handle, outsourced IT staff will ensure that your company anticipates clients’ needs.

If you don’t have time to think about your firewall, your e-commerce functions, or if your servers are down, outsourced IT will keep you ahead of your competitors.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT are Massive

If it’s not clear yet, the benefits of outsourcing will greatly outweigh any of the costs. You’ll get so much great talent without having left any vulnerabilities behind. Your outsourced IT staff can not only serve your needs but anticipate them for the future.

If you need help with IT solutions, contact us today! Our experts have a proven track record of results and are always willing to help your company meet the needs of your customers.

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